Mary Cornetta “When one part of your life is organized, everything else tends to fall into place.”


About me:

I’ve battled all sorts of clutter throughout my life - I’m talking physical, mental, AND emotional. While separate struggles, I learned the hard way how they’re also inter connected. By embracing a more minimalistic lifestyle (I mean, not in every area, this girl does love her shoes) and creating order to my things, I was then able to address the inner stuff, the clutter that was hanging out in my heart and in my head. Without the distractions of “stuff”, I could truly focus on how to simplify my emotions and my thoughts.

This lead to me finding my passion and purpose. I had always had the entrepreneurial spirit but my confidence to do it hadn’t kicked in until I really cleared the clutter. That’s when I pursued organizing as a profession. And now, as a business owner, I know that I have very little free time so being organized has become even more critical to my health and happiness. Bringing that same feeling to my clients is what lights me up every damn day!



I founded Sort and Sweet Inc in 2017, a hands on home and office organizing service in the New York area. After connecting with entrepreneurs throughout the world and hearing about their struggles with disorganization, I felt a calling to help those outside of my Long Island bubble. I began combining virtual organizing and life coaching into sessions and before I knew it, Organized Overall became its own entity. While I still LOVE working hands on with our Sort and Sweet clients, I can now help more people in more parts of the world through the power of the interwebs. It’s truly a beautiful thing, isn’t it?