Whoa, whoa I know what you’re thinking! Aren’t you a minimalist, Mary? Why in the world do you want me to buy things?

Ok, first and foremost, I am all about that less is more lifestyle. BUT there are things that sometimes truly help us to get organized overall and I want to share em with you…



The Five Minute Journal

Hands down, the easiest and fastest way to find your happy! In just a matter of minutes a day, you can reflect on what you're grateful for in your life. From an organizer's perspective, this can go a long way in preventing impulse shopping or over buying! Find your copy HERE


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

It’s a classic guys, really. Love her or envy her, Marie Kondo provides an effective and unique take on being organized. I highly recommend reading this book as you go about your decluttering journey. You can access it HERE


Huggable Hangers

I get asked this question quite often and the answer is YES, these are 100% worth the investment! They help save space (like, lots) and keep your clothes hanging, not on the floor. IMO this is the #1 way to organize your closet. And you know, an organized closet means we can get out the door to take on the day faster. You can find these suckers HERE


Plastic Bins

Dude, I use these alll over my home! They come in especially handy in the kitchen and bathroom where spills happen. Use them to corral your canned goods, your skincare products, or anything else you want to keep together! The best part? They’re super affordable and you can see them HERE


Label Maker

Because, well, labels just make everything better! Or, simpler, I should say. This Brother P Touch is Bluetooth enabled and lets you go slap happy on your stuff. You can find it HERE